Kate Meyrick

Kate Meyrick

The Hornery Institute, Chief Executive Officer and Managing Director

Kate Meyrick is a lawyer with a master’s degree in urban design. British-born, she has more than 25 years in the property industry working throughout the UK, Australia, Asia, and the USA as an urbanist and place maker and is well respected for her work in community engagement, project positioning, visioning, and place co-creation.

She has been CEO of The Hornery Institute, a non-profit organisation specialising in community development, for more than a decade.

In this capacity she has worked alongside Government, industry, and community partners to create a shared vision for some of Australia’s most ambitious major urban infrastructure and regeneration projects nation-wide.

Orchestrating human habitats


Creating suburbs people want to live in is a placemaking challenge. What makes for an attractive habitat and is there a recipe for success? In this session we’ll take a closer look at the art and science of getting people to love the place they call home, and how community engagement can be used as […]